Application for authorisation

The Pesticide Regulation entered into force on 14 June 2011 and has altered several of the procedures to which applicants and authorities have been accustomed. Active substances are still approved at EU level and products are authorised by individual Member States but the new rules mean, for instance, that the authorisation of plant protection products is now given for one of three geographical zones. Denmark is in the North Zone.
The new regulations will be phased in as existing authorisations will be valid until their expiry date. Several requirements will enter into force at a later date.
This section is an introduction to the requirements for applying for product authorisation in Denmark in accordance with the new EU regulation.

This website is intended only as a guide. Only the legislation itself is legally binding.

For existing authorisations dated before 14 June 2011 or unprocessed applications made to the Danish EPA before that date transitional provisions will apply.
Read more under 'Applications for authorisation sumbitted before 14 June 2011'.