Applications for authorisation

Applications for authorisation

A plant protection product must be authorised by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency before it can be sold and used in Denmark.

As a general rule, active substances are approved at EU level and plant protection products are authorised by individual Member States Authorisation of plant protection products in Denmark are granted according to the EU Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, and specific rules for Denmark and the Northern zone. 
This section is an introduction to the requirements for applying for product authorisation in Denmark in accordance with the new EU Pesticides Regulation.

This website is intended only as a guide. Only the legislation itself is legally binding.

Who, when and where

Find out who can apply for a pesticide authorisation, when you can apply and where you can do so according to the EU Pesticides Regulation.

Zonal and interzonal collaboration

A zonal authorisation is either based on the evaluation of applications for outdoor uses, which is carried out in collaboration between the countries in the Northern zone, or the evaluation of applications for indoor uses (i.e. in warehouses, greenhouses or as seed treatments), which is carried out in collaboration between all EU Member States. Information on collaboration in the Northern zone and the EU can be found here.

Application types and requirements

This section sets out information on the different types of authorisation and guidance on how to apply for, e.g. new products not yet authorised in Denmark, renewal of product authorisations under article 43, changes in authorisation, mutual recognition and authorisations for minor uses.


The Danish EPA will charge a processing fee for all applications for authorisation of Plant Protection Products. Find out more about the current fees for the different types of authorisation applications.

Processing times

Find out more about the expected processing time for your application.

Classification, labelling and packaging

The applicant or registration holder is responsible for keeping the classification of authorised pesticides up to date and for proposing the classification of the pesticide for which authorisation is sought. This section contains guidance on CLP classification, label preparation and packaging of plant protection products.

Requirements to be met subsequent to the decision

There are a number of requirements that must be met regardless of whether a product is granted an authorisation or not. These requirements relate to the Danish pesticide tax, Danish requirements on recording and reporting of plant protection products sales and import, or advertising of your products.

Transitional provisions

Certain existing products have been approved in accordance with rules in place before the current EU Pesticides Regulation 1107/2009 came into force. Some of these authorisations are still valid, until the approval of the active substances expires at EU level. Furthermore, some of the articles in Regulation 1107/2009 will not enter into force until specific rules are adopted in the EU. This applies to e.g. rules on safeners, synergists, co-formulants and adjuvants.