Who, when and where

Before any plant protection product can be sold and used in Denmark, it must be evaluated and authorised by the Danish EPA.

Who can apply

The company wishing to place the product on the market must apply for authorisation to do so. A fee will be charged for an application for authorisation of a product in Denmark. The fee depends on the individual type of application. Further information is available at Fees.

When to apply

It is possible to apply for authorisation of a formulated plant protection product in a Member States such as Denmark when the active substance is approved at EU level. A pre-notification must be submitted 6 months before the application, to allow for proper planning.

Please note it is important that the application is complete and meets all the requirements for the specific type of application. The evaluation will only begin when all relevant material and information is received. If the application is repeatedly found to be incomplete, it will be rejected.

Where to apply

You must apply for product authorisation in the country or countries where you wish to place your product on the market. This also applies to zonal authorisations, where the evaluation of new products and re-evaluations are undertaken for each zone. The EU is treated as a single zone with regard to plant protection products for use in greenhouses, used as post-harvest treatments in storage, for treatment of empty storage rooms or for seed treatments.

Find further information about the different types of applications.


EU pesticides database - list of approved and not approved active substances