Denmark as the Reference Member State

Biocidal products, both existing and new, can be authorised for the Danish market in one of two ways: Either through authorisation by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, or through the mutual recognition in Denmark of an authorisation that has already been granted in another EU Member State.

Denmark as Reference Member State

If an application is submitted to Denmark as the initial (or only) country in the EU then Denmark is the Reference Member State. The application must be accompanied by a full dossier. The Danish EPA has 3 months to check the completeness of the application and 1 year to evaluate the application and grant an authorisation or refuse the application.

Stages in the proces of application

The diagram below show the stages in the proces of application.

Duration of the authorisation

Product authorisations have a finite duration. The authorisation will normally last until the Annex I entry of any of the active substance(s) in the product expires.

Documentation requirements and fees

Companies must apply via the EU's R4BP database and there are new requirements concerning the documentation to be submitted with the application. A fee is payable for authorisation applications.
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