Application in accordance with the BPR

The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) requires that as a general rule all biocidal products must be authorised before import, placing on the market or use. During a transitional period when the EU is evaluating existing active substances, some biocidal products will not be covered by the authorisation requirement.

Products involved and requirements Find guidance on product types in the legislation, registration requirements, borderline with other legislation, definitions and your obligations.

When to apply
An active substance can now fall within four categories with different consequences for the enterprises concerned - and for your application. Find guidance on included and not included active substances.

How to apply
Find guidance on application types, application forms, documentation requirements, fees etc.

Evaluation of your application
Find guidance on how the Danish EPA assess the effects on health, environment and efficacy. Find time limits for case consideration.

Requirements subsequent to the decision
Find guidance on labels, classification, advertising, how to report sales etc.