Which products are involved, and who has responsibilities

All biocidal products (also known as biocides) must be authorised by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency before they can be imported, placed on the market or used in Denmark.

Definitions of biocidal products and active substancesFind guidance on the key points in the Biocidal Products Directive definition of a biocidal product and an active substance.

Legislation according to product-type
The legislation distinguishes between 23 different types of products. The product must fall within one of the 23 product-types in order to be considered a biocidal product.

Borderline with other legislation
As a main rule, the Biocidal Products Directive comprises the general regulation of products that control living organisms. However, products that are regulated by other Community legislation, such as EU legislation on medicinal products, medical equipment, food products, cosmetics, plant protection products and so on, fall outside the scope of the Biocidal Products Directive.

Registration requirements
Persons responsible for marketing a biocidal product in Denmark that does not yet require authorisation by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency must notify the product to the Product Register.

The seller or importer of a biocidal product is responsible for obtaining an authorisation. What are the obligations in practical terms?