Borderline with other legislation

The Biocidal Products Directive is closely related to several other EU directives. As a general rule, the Biocidal Products Directive regulates products that control living organisms.

This does not apply however to products that are covered by other directives. You must therefore find out whether your product comes under the rules for biocidal products or whether it is covered by other Community legislation, such as:

  • medicines
  • medical equipment
  • food product legislation
  • cosmetics
  • plant protection products.

You can find out more about the borderlines with other legislation on the Commission’s website.

Covered by several sets of rules simultaneously

You should also be aware that your product may be subject to other legislation in addition to the Biocidal Products Directive. Examples are co-formulants which may be covered by REACH and the additional national regulation of antifouling agents through a special order on antifouling products.

You can find links to the legislation here.