Biocides Legislation

To ensure that biocidal products do not constitute an unacceptable risk to human health, animal health or the environment, such products are subject to common European legislation in the form of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation No. 528/2012)

The Biocidal Product Regulation concerns the placing on the market and use of biocidal products, which are used to protect humans, animals, materials or articles against harmful organisms, like pests or bacteria, by the action of the active substances contained in the biocidal product.

The text was adopted on 22 May 2012 and put into force from 1 September 2013, with a transitional period for certain provisions. It will repeal the Biocidal Products Directive (Directive 98/8/EC).

Biocidal Products Regulation (ECHA Website)
Initial regulation and Subsequent amendments

Implementing and delegated acts  (ECHA Website)
E.g. Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 88/2014 of 31 January 2014 specifying a procedure for the amendment of Annex I to Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the making available on the market and use of biocidal products.

Danish EPA Fact Sheet on anti-fouling paint

Further information (ECHA Website)
E.g. Biocidal Products Regulation and related implementing legislation

Danish Rules

An EU Regulation is current law in Denmark. A Regulation shall not be implemented in Danish law through an Act of Parliament or a Statutory Order but such legislation may need to be supplemented by national legislation, for example on how to determine punishment. 

Regrettably, most of the Danish Acts and Statutory Orders have not been translated into English.