Registration requirements

Persons responsible for marketing a biocidal product in Denmark that does not yet require authorisation by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency must provide the Danish Working Environment Authority with the following information, by either letter or email:

  • Name/company name
  • Address
  • The product’s trade name
  • Use
  • Product-type (pursuant to Annex V to the Biocidal Products Regulation)
  • Chemical composition

The following information must be provided for each individual ingredient:

  • CAS number
  • Chemical name
  • Percentage by weight or other unit that the ingredient makes up in the product
  • Risk phrase
  • Classification and labelling of the product
  • Any suggestions for first aid in the event of an accident.

Information sent by email should be addressed to the The Product Register, Danish Working Environment Authority,

Letters should be addressed to: The Product Register, Danish Working Environment Authority, Postbox 850, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Hazardous products for professional use

If the biocidal product is intended for professional use and is hazardous, it must be registered in the Product Register directly and be assigned a Product Register (PR) number. Do not forget to state the product-type.

More information about the registration requirement for hazardous products for professional use can be found on the Danish Working Environment Authority’s website.

The registration requirement does not apply to all biocidal products

Biocidal products authorised by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency will be included in the Product Register by the EPA on authorisation. The same applies to biocidal products assigned a PR number and therefore already registered in connection with other legislation. 

It is therefore not necessary to resubmit such information.

The Product Register

The Product Register contains information on around 38,000 products on the market in Denmark and provides an overview which the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Danish Working Environment Authority can use in their work to counter risks. 

In order to limit the risks the authorities must know what quantities of chemical products are being used, what they consist of and where they are being used.

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The registration requirement is set out in Section 49 of the Statutory Order on pesticides.

Read more about the Product Register on the homepage of the Danish Working Environment Authority.