Products involved

In principle, all biocidal products within all of the 23 product types specified in the Biocidal Products Directive require authorisation under the Directive.

Some products are temporarily exempted on the basis of the transitional arrangements.

Denmark has had a national authorisation system since 1980 for a number of biocides currently still under evaluation under the BPR. Such products require authorisation in Denmark irrespective of their active substances but may only be authorised if the active substance is under evaluation in the relevant Product Type under the BPR. Until the active substances have been approved according to the BPR these products will be subject to the transitional arrangements.

The evaluation concerns biocidal products within the following product-types/applications:

  • fungi that attack wood
  • harmful organisms in timber and woodwork
  • algae
  • slime-forming organisms in pulp
  • vermin that infest pets
  • harmful organisms in textiles
  • insects, snails and mites
  • water voles, moles, mice and rats
  • certain repellents, for instance mosquito repellents and repellents against wild birds and animals.

The list of product types can also be found in Section 15 of Statutory Order No. 151 of 18 February 2014 on pesticides etc.

This scheme will continue to apply to individual products until a decision has been made in the EU about inclusion or non-inclusion of the active substance(s). The products shall then be authorised pursuant to the new rules.