Application in accordance with the Danish authorisation scheme

The Biocidal Products Regulation requires that all biocidal products must as a general rule be authorised before they can be imported, placed on the market or used.

However, the EU has not yet evaluated all existing active substances and in the transitional period until the work has finished products covered by the Danish authorisation scheme for biocidal products must still be authorised in accordance with these rules while the transitional period is in force and the EU is evaluating the active substances in the products.

This scheme will continue to apply to individual products until a decision has been made in the EU about inclusion or non-inclusion of the active substance(s). The products must then be authorised pursuant to the new rules. 

The transitional regulation can be found in Sections 15 and 65 of Statutory Order No. 151 of 18 February 2014 on Pesticides etc. Section 15 includes the list of biocidal product types for which a transitional permit is required. They do not correspond in every detail to specific product types of the BPR.

Products involved
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Products involved
Persons responsible for marketing a biocidal product in Denmark that does not yet require authorisation by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency must register their products in a database run by the Danish Working Environment Agency in cooperation with the EPA.

Application forms and procedures
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Case processing times
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Requirements subsequent to the decision
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