Authorisation not granted

There are good reasons for submitting your application on time, because the consequence of not obtaining authorisation is emphatic: Sales and imports must cease shortly after the application deadline. The period is six months for products that have been authorised under the existing Danish authorisation scheme and is also expected to be six months for the new product-types.

Sales and imports must also cease if an enterprise has applied for authorisation but no such authorisation can be given. The period is/is expected to also be set at six months.

In both cases, sales in subsequent links in the retail chain, storage and use of the product must cease no later than two years after the application deadline. This applies both to the use of products stocked by consumers and to products that are used for production purposes.

This ultimate deadline for the cessation of all sales, storage and use is set out in Annex 4 to the Danish Statutory Order on pesticides.

If no authorisation is granted, another application may be submitted. You may however not sell or import your product while the new application is being processed.