Shipping and ballast water

The Ballast Water Management Convention aims to control the introduction of aquatic invasive species from ballast water.

Exemptions and risk assessments

Answers to questions frequently raised with authorities when applying for a BWMC exemption

Flowcharts illustrating the considerations and the process when applying for an exemption for complying with the D-2 standard of the BWMC, i.e. permission to discharge untreated water:

The flowcharts address three situations:

  1. A temporary situation, e.g. if a vessel requires an exemption to operate a new route
  2. A “normal” operation exclusively between two ports
  3. A situation where more than two ports in an area are called (Same Risk Area)

The charts are separated in a “busy” left-hand side when urgency is required, and a right-hand side when time is available to complete the risk assessment process of BWMC A-4. In all circumstances, it is the recommended to contact the authorities and/or your local industry representative.

Maritime Assistance Service

The Danish Maritime Assistance Service (MAS) provides a 24 hour contact service for ships and other actors of the maritime environment