Shipment of used electronics

Shipments of used electric and electronic equipment (EEE) is under strict regulation in order to prevent shipment of used equipment which is actually waste.

All EEE becomes waste at some point and it is important to act with care when shipping used EEE. Electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) can contain hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, PCBs, asbestos and freon gasses and therefore must not be exported to countries with out proper waste treatment facilities for this type of waste.

The rules on shipments of used equipment is laid down in art. 23 and annex VI of the WEEE-directive. This has been implemented into Danish law in the Statutory order on shipments of waste and shipments of used electric and electronical equipment.

The Danish EPA provides the following guidance documents on the rules for shipments of used EEE: