Electronical waste (WEEE) and batteries (BAT)

Here you can find the Danish regulations concerning producer responsibility for batteries (BAT) and waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Also find more information on the national producer register DPA.

The rules on WEEE

The aim of the WEEE-directive is to reduce the environmental impacts from WEEE by encouraging the producers to produce environment-friendly products and by setting rules to increase reuse, recycling, and other forms of recovery of WEEE. 
Generally speaking WEEE rules give the producer and/or importer of electrical and electronic equipment the responsibility of organizing and financing the management of electrical and electronic products in an environmental sound way, when they become waste. The producers and importers also have to report information to a national producer register.

The rules for handling waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) was originally laid down in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) in 2005. It was introduced into Danish law in 2006. The WEEE directive was revised in 2012 (WEEE2) and has been implemented into Danish law in February 2014: 

Statutory Order on placing on the market of electrical and electronic equipment and management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (The WEEE Order)

The implementation of annex VI of the WEEE-directive regarding shipments of used electric and electronical equipment has been completed in the statutory order on shipments of waste and shipments of used electrical and electronic equipment

See the guidance document for exporters for more information on the rules for shipments of used equipment and guidelines for test of functionality. The guidance document is also provided in French.    

The rules on batteries

The rules on producer responsibility for batteries are laid down in the directive on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries in 2006. It has been implemented into Danish law in the Statutory order on batteries which is only available in Danish. 

Producers and importers are required to pay for the quantity of portable batteries and accumulators which they have placed on the Danish market. The payment is collected by SKAT, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration. See the current payment rate for portable batteries and accumulators, which have been placed on the market. The Danish EPA regulates the payment rate once a year. 

The Danish Producer Responsibility (DPA)

The DPA is in charge of the operation of the Danish central producer register for electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and end-of-life-vehicles. DPA also assigns collected WEEE and batteries from the municipal collection sites to the producers and/or the collective producer schemes. This assignment is based on the reported volumes put on the market by producers and importers.

DPA is a private organization established in pursuance of the Danish Environmental Protection Act, and its more specific duties is described in the statutory order regarding WEEE. The activities of DPA-System are financed by fees levied from producers and importers.

More information on the producer responsibility can be found at the homepage of DPA-System