BAT (Best Available Techniques)

What do the guidelines for BAT consist of?

The Danish EPA has analysed different techniques’ environmental performance within the areas of feeding practice, housing systems, storage and manure application. The analysis of the different technologies has been described in so called technology sheets.

On the basis of this material the Danish EPA has conducted standardized BAT-assessments for the most prevailing combinations of types and sizes of livestock farms in Denmark. These BAT-conclusions include quantitative BAT-emission limit values for ammonia and phosphorous together with qualitative BAT-assessments for nitrate leaching and the consumption of water and energy. The emission limit values apply to the installation - in this case the farm - and it is left to the farmer to decide which techniques or technologies he wishes to apply on the installation in order to comply with these emission limit values.

The standardized BAT-assessments are formulated as guidelines to the competent authorities and are published on the Danish EPA’s homepage together with technical and economical documentation.

If you want to learn more about how the EPA has set the emission values, see this document