Other types of authorisation

Here you can read about the possibilities to apply for derogations, provisional authorisations, authorisation to carry out experimental testing and applications for authorisation for the sale of toxic or very toxic products.


A non-authorised product may be authorised for up to 120 days, if a danger exists which threatens a crop and which cannot be contained by any other reasonable means. This requires that there is no authorised product to control the danger in question. Derogations are considered on a case-by-case basis.
The requirements for derogations are described in detail in Article 53 of Regulation No 1107/2009.

Provisional authorisations

There is one instance in which the application process may be started before an active substance has been included on EU’s positive list. This relates to the 2 ½-year time limit for the EU evaluation of a new active substance. If this period is exceeded, you may apply in a Member State for a provisional authorisation of your product before the active substance has been fully evaluated in the EU. The authorisation is granted for a maximum of three years and for a maximum of one year after the expiry date of the active substance. If you seek mutual recognition  during the period of the provisional authorisation, the Member State may decide on a voluntary basis whether they will grant this.
The requirements for provisional authorisations are described in Articles 30-32 of Regulation No 1107/2009.

Authorisation to carry out experimental testing

Products with new compositions and/or active substances that are in the development stage may be tested experimentally with a permit from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency according to the plant protection regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.
The application form may be downloaded here.

Applications for authorisation for the sale of toxic or very toxic products

Distributors of toxic and very toxic products must seek permission from the Environmental Protection Agency.
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