Processing times

The case processing times are indications of the maximum time, the majority of cases takes to process in the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

The case processing time at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency is considered to begin when all the required information from the private individual/company/authority has been received. For cases with fixed application deadlines, the target processing time commences on expiry of the application deadline.

The processing times given below indicate the maximum timeframe within which most cases will be processed. For cases where the Danish Environmental Protection Agency is unable to meet the target processing time, the private individual/company/authority will be informed of this and given an indication of the anticipated time for completion of processing.

In general, all cases will of course be processed as quickly as possible. This means that a number of cases will be processed sooner than the specified processing time. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s various types of administrative cases are not comparable. Consequently, the target times for processing vary from one type of case to another.

Authorisation of a new plant protection product in accordance with the Pesticide Regulation No 1107/2009Target

Application for authorisation where Denmark is zonal RMS

1-1½ years

Application for mutual recognition, where another Member State in the North zone has acted as zonal RMS

4 months

Application for mutual recognition, where a Member State outside the North zone has acted as zonal RMS

4 months

Confirmation of application for authorisation as complete

6 weeks

Application for authorisation of a product containing a low-risk active substance.

4-10 months

Application for a parallel trade permit

45-55 days.

Authorisation in respect of other types of applications concerning plant protection productsTarget

Application to carry out experimental testing

3 months

Application for a derogation permitting the use of unapproved agents

Up to 6 months

Application for extended use, formulation changes and minor uses (formerly off-label)

Up to 1½ years, depending on complexity and the need for external consultation

Permit for the sale of toxic substances

2 weeks

Recognition of completed course on toxic substances
In connection with the commercial spraying of highly toxic pesticides

4 weeks

Permit for spraying pesticides from aircraft

4 weeks