Active substances included in Annex I

The EU has so far included active substances within product types 2 (disinfection), 8 (wood preservatives), 12 (slimicides), 14 (rodenticides), 18 (products to control insects and other arthropods) and 19 (repellents and attractants) in Annex I to the Biocidal Products Directive.

By clicking on the active links in the table below, you can see which active substances are included in Annex I within the various product-types, including the application deadlines that have been announced.

Main groups

Product types

Disinfectants and general biocidal products

PT1: Human hygiene biocidal products

PT2: Private area and public health area disinfectants and other biocidal products

PT3: Veterinary hygiene biocidal products

PT4: Food and feed area disinfectants

PT5: Drinking water disinfectants


PT6: In-can preservatives

PT7: Film preservatives

PT8: Wood preservatives

PT9: Fibre, leather, rubber and polymerised materials preservatives

PT10: Masonry preservatives

PT11: Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems

PT12: Slimicides

PT13: Metalworking-fluid preservatives

Pest control

PT14: Rodenticides

PT15: Avicides

PT16: Molluscicides

PT17: Piscicides


PT19: Repellents and attractants

Other biocidal products

PT20: Preservatives for food and feedstocks

PT21: Antifouling products

PT22: Embalming and taxidermist fluids

PT23: Control of other vertebrates