Active substances included in Annex I under PT 12: Slimicides

The list below reviews the active substances that the EU has authorised for use in PT 12, slimicides. Please note that you are obliged to comply with the Danish Pesticide Statutory Order. The list on this page is intended as a guide only.

Activ substance

Deadline for product application (date of inclusion)

Cessation of the right to import, sale, use and possess biocidal products that have not been authorised pursuant to the principles of the BPD

Expiry date of inclusion

Inclusion Directive


**  (1.9.2010)




The list is also presented in Annex 3 to the Danish Pesticides Order.

See the list of all biocidal product groups here.

More information

In order for a product to be permitted to remain on the market in Denmark, the deadline for submission of an application is the date of the active substance’s formal inclusion in Annex I. If a product contains several active substances, the deadline for the product is based on the date of inclusion of the most recently included active substance. Formal inclusion of the active substance takes place approximately two years after the substance is included in Annex I, giving enterprises about two years to submit an application for authorisation of their products which contain the active substance.