Enforcement of shipment of waste in Denmark

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is the competent authority in enforcement of the Regulation on shipment of waste. The enforcement takes place primarily at the Danish borders and is done in cooperation with the Danish police, the municipalities and the Danish Tax and Customs Administration.

During an enforcement action the waste i controlled to ensure whether the waste is Greenlisted or it has be notified. If the waste is greenlisted the accompanied Annex VII is checked on whether it is completed correctly. According to art. 18 of the Regulation it is the person who arranges the shipment who is responsible if something is wrong with the waste or Annex VII.

If the waste has to be notified the accompanied Annex IA and IB are controlled to ensure that all the relevant competent authorities has given their approval. It is also checked whether the notifier has send in the signed and completed movement document to the competent authorities and that the shipment is covered by the financial guarantee.
It is the notifier who is responsible for that the above mentioned things is in order and completed. If this isn't correct then there is punishment with a fine.