Hullfouling and antifouling

Hullfouling (or biofouling) is one of the biggest vectors for the spread of marine invasive species. The Danish EPA generally recommends using the IMO guidelines, but notes that many Danish harbours have specific regulations for e.g. in-water cleaning of ship hulls. Furthermore, the IMO guidelines for ships and pleasure crafts are under revision in IMO and on the agenda in the HELCOM-OSPAR Joint Task Group Ballast & Biofouling.

The Draft database for Commercial Shipping and Leisure Boating provides an overview of the HELCOM-OSPAR area and harbours and in-water cleaning.

Antifouling for ships hulls are regulated by IMO and EU and implemented in the Danish legislation for commercial shipping and leisure boating.

Antifouling certificates (AFS-Certificates) are regulated by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA).