International Cooperation

Denmark has more than 40 years of experience in development and implementation of environmental policy in a partnership between the public and private sector and civil society. This cooperation is based on trust, flexibility and mutual respect for the contribution by each party to the development of green solutions in the society. The Danish experiences is now shared with other countries and  serving as a catalyst   transforming their environmental policy in a resource efficient direction for the benefit of the society.

Strategic Sector Cooperation is a concrete partnership initiative aimed at mobilizing the competencies of Danish public authorities directly in long-term strategic cooperation and partnerships with counterpart institutions across the world. These partnerships will promote long-term bilateral relations between public authorities in Denmark and their counterparts in partner countries. Special priority is given to sectors perceived as Danish strongholds, where both the public and private sector can offer useful models and environmentally efficient solutions.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency cooperates bilaterally with six emerging economies consisting of China, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco and Ethiopia. The cooperation is assisting the countries in their transition towards a green economy.




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Export promotion

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