The Danish Environmental Protection Agency's work with promotion export

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency contributes to strengthening the export of Danish environmental technology solutions. 50 years of active environmental protection policy in Denmark have fostered a long line of excellences within Danish environmental solution companies. The solutions contribute to solving environmental challenges globally. At the same time, export can help secure the business basis for Danish companies and contribute to growth and employment in Denmark.

In Europe and internationally, there is an increasing political awareness of pollution management and green transition. The global market for environmental technology is growing and is driven by the desire to take advantage of the latest technological opportunities. Denmark is at the forefront in a number of areas, because of early and ambitious regulation and targeted innovation of new technology.

International coorporation and export promotion

The Danish government’s experiences contributes to creating better export opportunities for the Danish business community. An example is by connecting with political frameworks in selected countries. There is a demand for Danish regulatory experiences and competencies in a number of key subject areas within the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's responsibility and legacyt. The DEPA works with targeted public-private initiatives having a special focus on areas where Danish companies and knowledge institutions have special competences of relevance to the cooperating country.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency's efforts are to enter into government collaborations in selected markets and selected topics, where there are special market opportunities for Danish environmental solutions. In close collaboration with the Trade Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency works with other countries' environmental administrations on both directly commercially oriented activities and broader government collaborations, which contribute to exposing the Danish experiences and solutions. The opportunities to bring back other countries' experiences and competencies are also part of the Agency's considerations.

Export promotion is also included as a objective in the government collaborations that are implemented with financing from Danish development aid in a number of emerging economies.  During each of the government collaborations, a dedicated dialogue with Danish companies regarding exposure of their solutions locally is included, which underlines the concrete options for environmental improvements and the opportunity for commercial cooperation.


The volumes of export of Danish environmental technology solutions are closely monitored by data from Eurostat on exports of certain product groups. The company Damvad is responsible for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for maintaining a website where export data is continuously updated. Damvad's Export Dashboard provides the opportunity to see figures in selected countries and areas.