Admission Options

In the following text you can read about various approaches to having a technology admitted to List of Environmental Technologies

There are different ways of approaching admission of a technology to List of Environmental Technologies.

Sufficient documentation of the environmental impact of the technology is the determinative factor for admission to List of Environmental Technologies and test results must therefore be reliable.

When deciding which procedure for admission that is preferable for the technology in question there will generally be decisive arguments, which determine the most suitable procedure for admission.

New technologies, which have not been applied previously, must as a starting point be tested at a farm, whereas well-known technologies in some cases can be documented by the use of additional tests alone or by a report describing the existing documentation.

Level of Documentation - Flexible Admission to List of Environmental Technologies

List of Environmental Technologies determines the level of documentation needed to establish the performance of the technology and thereby admission of the technology to List of Environmental Technologies. As a guideline documentation must be at the same level as tests performed in accordance with the existing VERA test protocols.

        The procedures are the following:

  • Documentation according to the VERA test protocols
  • Documentation according to adjusted requirements for documentation
  • Use of existing documentation
  • Use of more flexible tests within the required level of documentation
  • Documentation through a DAN-ETV, which is carried out within the required level of documentation

Developing Industry Standards - Optional

In relation to simple technologies based on well documented correlations between ammonia evaporation and parameters such as pH value, temperature and manure surface the industry has the option of developing industry standards.

Prior to the development of an industry standard, the environmental technology must be tested and documented at the required level of documentation. Accordingly, manufacturers of an environmental technology, which is in accordance with the industry standard, can use the industry standard as documentation of the environmental impact in Denmark.

This approach presupposes that the industry initiates the development of industry standards. Furthermore the industry is responsible for providing sufficient data to describe the correlation between technology and environmental impact. The industry is in this respect required to consult the EPA and MELT and to follow their instructions.

Furthermore a description of the technology, which lays down the relevant requirements for construction, operation and maintenance in relation to the efficiency of the technology, must be worked out.


EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

MELT- EPA Committee for Environmentally Efficient Agricultural Production

VERA- Verification of Environmental Technologies for Agricultural Production

DANETV- Danish Centre for Verification of Climate and Environmental Technologies

ETV- Environmental Technology Verification