Reporting of sales

Every year, you must send a report on the sales of your product to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Digital reporting takes place via the enterprise portal

If you have not already used this system you will need a digital signature. This can be ordered from the website. 

To report on behalf of an enterprise you also need the CVR number (company registration number). More detailed instructions are available at

Reporting of sales - used for reporting sales of pesticides. (in danish) 


Producers, distributors, importers and exporters must from 14 June 2011 keep records of the products they import, sell, etc. The obligation to store information will apply for at least five years (2011-2016). There are guidelines on how to keep records and on the type of information you must record. There are basic requirements that apply to everyone and more specific requirements for producers, importers, etc.
Read more under 'Requirements after the decision'


As a non-Danish authorisation holder you will have to fill out a paper form and return it to the Danish EPA by e-mail or mail:

e-mail: Obfuscated Email or
Mail: Tolderlundsvej 5, 5000 Odense C

You will receive this paper form by e-mail or mail. If you haven't received the paper form, please contact us at Obfuscated Email

Please send your statement to the Danish EPA no later than the 1st of February. 

According to the Statutory Order on Pesticides all authorisation holders are obliged to do so.

You should state the amount of sold product and not the amount of sold active substance. If you e.g. have the number of tablets sold, then please do calculate the amount of sold product before reporting to the Danish EPA:

  • Products in fluid formulations should be reported in number of liters
  • Solid products should be reported in number of kilos

You have to state the sold amount of all products sold with a Danish registration number. Therefore you also have to state the sold amount of products used for seed treatment, even if the treated seed is exported from Denmark afterwards. 

Please note that if a product is not sold at all, please state the number zero for this product.

Besides submitting the statement, you are also obliged to pay a yearly product-fee according to the Statutory Order on Pesticides. The product fee is prepaid. Therefore you will have to pay the product fee of 2017 in the beginning of the next year, where you will receive an invoice. 

For accounting reasons the Danish EPA has changed the yearly product-fee to be pre paid. However, yearly product fee for products authorised and cancelled within the same year are not pre paid, since these products are not authorised the 1st of January.


In 2017, you should pay yearly product-fee for products authorised the 1st of January 2017 and products authorised in 2016 only (typically derogations). 

If the authorisations are extended into 2017 you will have to pay yearly product fee. If the authorisations are not extended into 2017, they will not be included in the invoice. 

The Danish EPA is currently updating data in the new system. For many of the products, reg. no. has been registered as a default value for product code during the migration of data from the old to the new system. Please feel free to provide us with the correct product codes at Obfuscated Email