Research Centres in the chemical field

A number of knowledge centers have been set up in the chemical field.

The National Allergy Research Center

The National Allergy Research Center was established by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in 2001, with the aim of preventing allergy to chemical substances. Its primary activities are knowledge building in the form of research in the field of contact allergy, monitoring of contact allergy prevalence with registration of patients with allergy to chemical substances in a national database, dissemination and education, as well as providing expert advice to national and international authorities. 
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The Centre on Endocrine Disrupters (CEHOS)

The Centre on Endocrine Disrupters (CEHOS) was established in 2008  The centre is an interdisciplinary scientific network without walls. The main purpose of the Centre is to build and gather new knowledge on endocrine disruptors with the focus on providing knowledge relevant for the preventive work of the authorities. The Centre also provides advice to the authorities in relation to endocrine disruptors e.g. identification of important knowledge gaps, proposals for future knowledge building activities and providing answers to specific questions in relation to endocrine disruptors.

The main activities of the Centre are:

  • Coordination of projects
  • Updating the regulatory authorities on new knowledge on endocrine disrupters
  • Annual information meetings
  • Coordination of the Copenhagen Workshops on Endocrine Disrupters (COW)

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