IT tools for your application

After preparing an application for authorisation of a biocidal product, the applicant must submit the application via the Register for Biocidal Products (R4BP 3). The application must be composed using EU software called IUCLID 5. The applicant will also need to create a user account through the system REACH-IT.

Here is a short presentation of the three systems and useful links to help you get started using them 


R4BP 3 (3 stands for version 3) is the IT system handling the exchange of data on biocides between companies and authorities of the EU. The system was developed and is maintained by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to ensure the existence of a common system for handling the requirements laid out in the BPR.

The R4BP 3 system consists of two independent systems: One is for companies, the other is for authorities.  

Via R4BP 3, companies may, among other things:

  • Submit applications,
  • Review data,
  • Download documents such as invoices,
  • See the status of applications submitted and fees paid,
  • Perform tasks as required by authority users,
  • See the final decision regarding the application.

ECHA has prepared a manual on how to create a user account and start using R4BP 3. You can read it here 


IUCLID 5 is the software you must install on your computer to be able to submit data to R4BP 3. The software is used to submit, update and exchange data on substances, composition and micro-organisms – including active substances and biocidal products. The data can be exported from the IUCLID 5 dataset in a file that can be submitted to R4BP 3.

Website of IUCLID
You can find a manual on using IUCLID 5 for biocides applications on the ECHA website


REACH-IT is a system with the primary purpose of supporting the requirements of the common European chemicals legislation, REACH. However, for companies required to use the Register for Biocidal Products, R4BP 3, REACH-IT is used to create and change user profiles.

In other words, the first thing you need to do before you can start working in R4BP 3 is to create a user profile in REACH-IT.

Website of REACH-IT

ECHA has prepared a manual on using R4BP 3. The manual also describes how to create a user profile in REACH-IT