Photo: Hare and riffle

Hunting licens

Due to safety reasons it is currently not possible to access the login on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's website. 

To report your game bag for hunting year 2021, you must send an email to: Obfuscated Email with information about the municipality, species, and the quantity of game for each species. Be aware if you shot any red deer or fallow deer in Denmark, you must also report the sex of the shot deer. For fallow deer, please report whether it was a calf. 

To pay for a Danish hunting license, please contact your Danish hunting tour operator, who have to pay for your Danish hunting license.

Apply for a hunting license

Pay for hunting license after approval

Reporting a game bag

If you have a hunting license, you have to report your game bag to the Danish Enviromental Protection Agency. You can do this electronically. You can report your bag as you catch it throughout the hunting season. Final deadline is 31 March.

Report your bag