Environmental Sector Cooperation between Kenya & Denmark

The cooperation is carried out in a partnership between Denmark and Kenya. The partners in Kenya are the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprises Development, National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) and Kenya Association of Manufacturers. The main Danish partners are the Danish EPA and the Danish Embassy in Nairobi.

The main objective of the SSC is to assist in accelerating Kenya’s transition towards a circular economy, with a focus on resource efficient industrial production and the waste sector. The key activities includes 

  • Introduction of circular economy approaches to policy development, through the Kenyan working group on The Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan (GESIP) ”manage waste as a resource” policy dialogue 
  • Assist in developing a recycling strategy for plastics packaging 
  • Assistance in Greening of industrial park development 
  • Exchange on Economic policy instruments for green growth 
  • Support to the development of the first Kenyan County Solid Waste Management Strategy 
  • Enhance industry regulation and authority to industry collaboration, through: 
    • Assist in revising enforcement & compliance mechanism between industries and authorities
    • Assist in development of a management scheme for industry environmental data
    • Green growth thematic networking meetings and establish an industry–regulator partnership

Read the annual report here