Chemical Inspection Service strategy

The aim of the work of the Chemical Inspection Service is to ensure public confidence in environmental and health matters with regard to the everyday use of chemical products. It is also to ensure that we meet EU requirements on inspection.

Who can expect inspection and why?

  • Inspections are levelled at products and sectors with particular risks for health and the environment.
  • Besides inspections at retailers, producers and importers are also monitored.
  • Enterprises that comply with the legislation are subject to a lesser degree of monitoring.
  • We determine the level of monitoring on the basis of a risk analysis. The analysis takes into consideration the seriousness of a potential breach and the likelihood of a breach of law occurring.


  • We maintain consistent enforcement, with emphasis on legal rights and proportionality so that illegal products are removed from the market.
  • We also build up a high level of professional knowledge in collaboration with other monitoring authorities in Denmark, the Nordic countries and the EU.
  • We collaborate closely with other departments of the Danish Ministry of the Environment and relevant authorities, cultivating a relationship of trust with the relevant sectors and commercial organisations.