Regulations on noise from wind turbines

The legislation provides requirements regarding the distance to dwellings and noise limits. Moreover, wind turbines erected in Denmark or in Danish waters must be authorised under the Energy Agency's technical certification scheme.

Approval of wind turbine plans

Municipalities must approve plans for erecting single as well as groups of wind turbines. An investigation into possible contravention of regulations takes place, for instance with regard to protection of nature and landscape.

The minimum distance to a neighbouring home is four times the turbine's total height. There are no exceptions to the distance requirement.

Read more about the distance requirement at the Danish Nature Agency's website (in Danish).

The construction of a turbine must be registered in advance with the municipality. Part of the necessary documentation is adherence to noise regulations. Noise limits apply to the total noise from all wind turbines in an area. Thus, an application for a new turbine may be refused due to pre-existing noise from other turbines in the area. The municipality cannot make exceptions to the noise regulations.

Following erection and operation of the wind turbine, the municipality may instruct the owner to carry out noise measurements to ensure that the provisions of the Statutory Order on wind turbines are still observed.

Noise limits for wind turbines

Wind turbines must respect noise limits in accordance with the Statutory Order. The limits are:

  • For dwellings, summer cottages, etc.: 39 dB (wind speeds of 8 m/s) and 37 dB (wind speeds of 6 m/s)
  • For dwellings in open country: 44 dB (wind speeds of 8 m/s) and 42 dB (wind speeds of 6 m/s)

For both categories of areas the limit for low frequency noise is 20 dB. The limit for low frequency noise applies to the calculated indoor noise level at both 6 and 8 m/s wind speed

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