Shooting range noise zone

In spatial planning, the authorities designate a noise zone around shooting ranges and other noise sources, where the noise level exceeds the recommended noise limit. Below is a review of recommended noise limits for shooting ranges.

For shooting ranges the recommended noise limits appear in Guidelines from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, no. 1/1995 "Noise from Shooting Ranges" (in Danish). They are used both for environmental permits and for spatial planning.

The recommended noise limits for newly planned and existing shooting ranges differ. The limit applies to the maximum A-weighted level from a single shot, using time weighting "I" (Impulse), and measured or calculated at the most exposed dwelling. The limit value is a function of the number of practicing days per week and the duration of the shooting period. Longer shooting periods result in lower noise limits.

For new shooting ranges the noise limit is from 70 dB, for a shooting range used only one day and evening per week, till 60 dB, if the range is used every evening. In cases with shooting later than 22 in the night the noise limit can be as low as 55 dB.

The recommended noise limits for existing shooting ranges are higher, up to 80 dB. It is left to the authorities to decide on the amount of noise reduction needed on an existing range, whereas the assessment starts from the recommended limits for new shooting ranges.