Noise Mapping & Action Plans

The EU Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EU) from 25 June 2002 on mapping and noise action plans was implemented in Denmark in 2005.

Noise mapping 

The responsibility for noise mapping has been de-centralised so that:

  • the Ministry of Transport is responsible for mapping of the State roads and the main parts of the railways
  • the municipalities are responsible for mapping the municipal major roads, and for mapping the noise from all roads in the major cities
  • the environmental authority (which is either the Ministry of the Environment or the municipality) is responsible for mapping of noise from airports and for larger IPPC-industries in cities
  • the Danish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for coordinating and publishing the noise maps as well as reporting to EU

The statutory order was revised in 2006 and published at the same time as guidelines for noise mapping and noise action plans. Here the procedure and data format etc is specified, and it is prescribed that a contemporary ("third generation") noise calculation method, Nord2000 , has to be used for mapping of road and rail noise.

Download guidelines no. 4/2006 on noise mapping and noise action plans (in Danish) (PDF, 2.39MB)

The first phase of noise mapping was to be finished in June 2007. However, due to administrative and technical difficulties some delays occurred. In the first phase, only one large city (Copenhagen area) has been mapped, as well as the largest motorways and a limited number of other major roads together with about 600 km of the primary railways. More information on the noise map can be found in the FAQ box below.

Latest revision is statutory order no. 51 of 12 January 2011 on Mapping of environmental noise and preparation of noise action plans (in Danish)

The next phase of noise mapping, in 2012, will include substantially more roads and railways. Moreover, in addition to the Copenhagen area; the central parts of Odense, Aalborg and Aarhus will also be mapped in detail.