Noise is an undesirable by-product of our modern way of life. It can damage physiological and psychological health. While noise emanates from many different sources, most outdoor noise is mainly generated by construction and transportation systems.

Recommended noise limits 
Different types of noise are not equally annoying. The recommended noise limits express an acceptable noise impact both environmentally and health wise, and form the basis for the authorities' assessment of noise impact.

Noise Mapping and Action Plans
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for coordinating and publishing noise maps. After having mapped the noise, authorities make a noise action plan to reduce or prevent noise.

Traffic noise
Traffic is the main source of noise impact in Denmark. The national road noise strategy incorporates a number of initiatives intended to reinforce the road authorities' efforts to reduce noise from roads.

Wind turbines
The weather conditions in Denmark make wind power one of the most advantageous sustainable energy sources. Wind power nonetheless poses certain problems in terms of both noise and visual impact.

A note from the Reference Laboratory for Noise Measurements gives a brief overview in English of the Danish regulation of environmental noise. It is found at the homepage of the Reference Laboratory .