Cities with low emission zones

Denmark's four largest cities have implemented low emission zones to improve air quality and increase the health of their citizens. Here you can find information about the four low emission zones in Denmark.

For more information about the four low emission zones in Denmark, please visit the respective websites:

Please note new rules apply in all zones from 1 July 2020, the new requirements can be found here.

Technical requirements are identical in all four zones.

The legislation on low emission zones in Denmark does not allow for the introduction of zones in other towns or cities, unless the ambient air quality limit value for particles is exceeded.

In Denmark, this sign represents low emission zones:

Low emission zone sign

Health benefits

Since 2008, Danish cities have had low emission zones. Danish authorities are constantly working to clean urban air, and these new regulations are an important step in the right direction for everyone living in and using Danish cities.

In Copenhagen alone, the number of early deaths is expected to be reduced by up to 15 a year as a result of low emission zones.