Air pollution monitoring programme

How is the air quality today? The Danish population is very interested in information on air pollution hot spots. In Denmark, the Environmental Protection Agency monitors pollutants in the air in collaboration with the National Centre for Environment and Energy (NERI).

Air pollution measurements

The measured substances are sulphur dioxide (SO 2 ), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ), nitrogen oxides, lead, particulate matter, benzene, carbon monoxide and ozone as well as certain heavy metals. The Environmental Protection Agency has signed an agreement with NERI under which NERI is responsible for the measurements.

The measurements allow the Environmental Protection Agency to keep a watch over the air quality. Limits for acceptable levels of air pollution have been set in order to protect the population from the dangerous effects of pollution on health. Limit values have thus been determined for each of the above-mentioned substances.

Denmark meets the limit values for most substances, however extra effort is required with regard to particles and NO 2 . Measurements are taken in the Copenhagen area, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg and at several measuring stations outside the cities.

NERI's website on air pollution provides a summary of the measurements

European cooperation

From major power stations through industrial companies to cars and private homes. There are many sources to air pollution, which constitutes a significant problem for many European cities. Air pollution is carried by the wind across national boundaries. In collaboration with the other European countries, Denmark has agreed to common rules both for monitoring air quality and jointly improving air quality for citizens.

EU provisions on regulating air quality are available at the EU Commission website on air pollution

Danish air quality regulations

Danish requirements for air quality are all based on provisions adopted by the EU. As new provisions are made, Danish legislation will be adapted accordingly. The latest version of Danish regulations is the Statutory Order on target and limit values for the level of certain air pollutants. Regulations were last updated in 2010, when new rules were adopted by the EU.

Read Statutory Order on evaluating and monitoring air quality (in Danish)

Read more about the Danish Clean Air Efforts (PDF, 1,56MB)