Air pollution is substances in the air that can cause harm to humans and the environment. In Denmark, air pollution comes mainly from wood burning stoves and boilers, vehicles, ships, enterprises, and large plants that produce energy for us all.

Air pollution from stoves
Stoves and boilers fuelled by wood contribute significantly to air pollution. Although, new and better wood burning stoves have been developed, they nonetheless represent the highest polluting form of heating.

Air pollution monitoring programme
Common rules both for monitoring air quality and jointly improving air quality for EU citizens. In Denmark, air pollutants are monitored in collaboration with the National Centre for Environment and Energy.

Reducing shipping emissions
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is working to ensure compliance with the stringent international regulation on air pollution from ships.

Reducing traffic emissions
Our everyday lives depend to a significant extent on motor vehicles, which put pressure on the environment. Local measures such as low emission zones and road pricing are attempts to limit general pollution.