Cooperation between environmental authorities

Environmental work is clearly divided between central and regional administrations and municipal departments.

The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for legislation and is the authority in charge of major national tasks as well as particularly complex tasks.

The Environmental Protection Agency prepares legislation and guidelines and grants authorisations in several areas. Further duties include the monitoring of chemicals and offshore platforms.

Together with the Copenhagen office, the decentralised unit in Aarhus authorise and monitor approximately 400 enterprises and local waste handling facilities.

The municipalities are responsible for granting permits and inspection of other enterprises and also carry out the majority of specific public sector duties. The municipalities are typically the point of contact for the general public and for companies wishing to access information on the environment.

The Danish Regions are charged with the generation of regional development plans. They undertake special tasks in the areas of soil contamination and raw materials.

The Nature Protection and Environmental Board of Appeal deals with complaints within the remit of the Ministry of the Environment of Denmark.