The Environmental Protection Agency is part of the Ministry of Environment of Denmark.

The Danish EPA is organised into five centres: Centre for Rich Nature, Centre for Clean Water, Centre for Safe Chemistry, Centre for Green Production and Centre for Staff. The management team consists of the Directors, Heads of Division and Heads of Functions.

From the headquarter and our locations around Denmark, we keep track of the Danish environment and ensure the Danish people have CLEAN WATER, breathe in clean air, move around in RICH NATURE and use and reuse products containing SAFE CHEMISTRY. We support GREEN PRODUCTION in corporations and contribute to a sustainable development both globally and locally.


The Environmental Protection Agency's directors have the overall responsibility for developing the organisation and determining holistic strategies.

The directors establish a common culture and values for the organisation.

Lars Hindkjær, General Director since 2009


We number approximately 950 employees. Half of the employees are located in Odense in one of thirteen units while the other half is distributed throughout the country in one of the ten local units.

Our employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions; chemical engineers, pharmacists, communication specialists, biologists, economists and many others. Not only does this ensure that tasks are appropriately allocated, it also makes for an exciting work environment.

All of these backgrounds and professions covers many topics within the field of environment and health; chemicals, pesticides, gene technology, soils, waste and environmental technology. Within these topics is a broad variation of tasks, that all contributes to rich nature, clean environment, safe chemistry and green production.

The management team consists of the Directors, Heads of Division and Heads of function.