Annex 2 Light industrial activities

Annex 2 is the list of activities that require an environmental permit but do not have the same pollution potential or complexity as the activities listed in Annex 1. Standard conditions have been drawn up for around 4,400 of these activities.

In the sector annex, Annex 5 to the Order , standard conditions are set out for many of the less polluting activities.

Overview of the industries covered by the sector annex .

The standard conditions are representative and based on the best available techniques within the sector.

In connection with the approval of a new installation or activity that is covered by a sector annex, the authority must apply the standard conditions that are listed in the sector annex. Any deviation from the standard conditions by the authority in its decision must be justified.

Further information concerning the sector annex and standard conditions (in Danish)

Many sectors are furthermore not covered by environmental permits. Special sector initiatives have been implemented in this regard. This applies to geothermal heating systems, vehicle repair workshops and dry-cleaners, for example.