Annex 1 Industrial activities

Approximately 2,000 activities with a more substantial pollution potential. Covers "i-marked" installations and activities covered by Annex 1 to the EIA Directive.

I-marked installations and activities are covered by the EU’s Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevent Control (IPPC), which will be superseded from 2013 by the Industrial Emissions Directive.

Either the municipality or the Danish Environmental Protection Agency is the approval authority in relation to i-marked installations and activities. However, applications for environmental permits must always be sent to the municipality in which the installation is situated. Where relevant, the municipality will forward the application to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Authorities are not permitted to grant an environmental permit for an i-marked activity until the general public has been consulted on the application and the draft decision. This applies when an industrial activity is planned established, or significant changes to or expansion of, the activity.


The IE Directive (Industrial Emissions Directive) will result in less pollution, a healthier environment and more uniform competitive conditions for industrial activities throughout the EU and replaces the IPPC Directive.

One of the most interesting aspects of the new directive is the fact that the requirement to use the best available techniques (BAT) has been made binding to a far greater extent than previously. More frequent inspections of the most heavily polluting installations will also be carried out and both thermal power stations and waste incineration plants will be required to reduce their emissions.

The IE Directive will be implemented in Danish legislation in early 2013.

Annex 1 List of activities requiring a permit

Special regulation

Large power/heat producing plants and waste incineration plants must comply with EU requirements for emissions of the air pollutants dust, SO2 og NOx.

In addition to general guidelines landfills for hazardous waste or more than 10 tons per day non hazardous waste has to apply to EU requirements for landfill of waste.

Read more about the danish regulations on landfill of waste in Statutory Order no. 719 of june 24, 2011 (in Danish)