Environmental permits for industry

The largest and potentially most heavily polluting industrial installations are covered by the Order of Environmental permitting and split between two annexes.

Environmental permits for industrial activities listed
Industrial installations that cause substantial pollution must be granted an environmental permit by an authority. They are therefore covered by the Order of Environmental permitting. Large poultry and pig farms are coved by the Order on permits and approvals etc. for Livestock farms

Annex 1 industrial activities
Covers 2,000 industrial activities in Denmark, of which the majority are so-called IPPC activities (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) – The IPPC directive is superseded by the Industrial Emissions Directive which will be implemented in Danish legislation by 2013.

Annex 2 industrial activities
The industrial activities listed in Annex 2 are covered by a simplified permit system with reduced notification requirements. A total of 22 sectors/activities in Annex 2 are covered by standard conditions. These standard conditions ensure predictability and uniform requirements for the installations concerned and a more efficient issuing of site specific environmental permit.

Industrial activities associated with risk
Approximately 150 industrial sites that require an environmental permit are considered to pose a particular risk. They are therefore also regulated in accordance with the Order on control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances and must comply with special requirements in relation to the prevention and management of major accidents.