Transportation that requires a permit

Before transportation of genetically modified organisms one has to ensure the transportation can be done without a permit and that the transport is in agreement with the ADR.

In two cases, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency must approve of the transportation prior to the transport:

1. If the transport include genetically modified organisms which are classified into class 4 (special hazardous to the environment)

Read more about the "Criteria for Classification"

2. If the transport does not meet the demands for labelling and packaging.

Fee rated

A fee is charged in relation to approvals of transportation of GMOs. Information regarding when and how the EPA charges fees can be found on procedural service charge.

Requirements for application

A standardized application form cannot be found. However, the demands for the application are specified in the executive order on transport and notification of marketing of genetically modified organisms approved for marketing in another country within the EU (In Danish)

The following information should be used as a help to write your application for approval of transport of GMO. The application must meet the requirements in the executive order.

  1. Name and address for the responsible transport- and import manager.
  2. Information on the route and mode of the transportat.
  3. Information on the time and date for the transport.
  4. Characteristics of the donor-, recipient- and parental organisms. Characteristics of the genetically modified organism. Information about the organisms' impact on health and the environment.
  5. The volume of material that will be transported.
  6. An assessment of the health and environment risks associated to the transport.
  7. The quality and characteristics of the packing and design of the labeling.
  8. The security measures that will be taken in regard to the transport of the GMO.
  9. Emergency measures in the event of an accident.

The EPA can make a public consultation on aspects of the planned transport.

The application for approval of transport of GMO can be send to:

The EPA post box: Obfuscated Email


Pesticider og Biocider


Tolderlundsvej 5

5000 Odense

Att. GMO Production

For more information see the executive order on transmission of genetic modified organisms (The Cartagene-protocol on Biosafety) and on traceability and labelling of genetic modified organism (In Danish) or go Regulation.