Procedural Service Charge

Approval of production with GMO and inspection of production facilities are charged a fee by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Nearly all work that are related to administrative processing of approvals for contained use of GMO and inspection to assure that the approved production facilities follow the regulation in their approvals are fee charged per hour of work.

Adminstrative Work

The fee is charged to cover the actual costs related to processing the application. The related costs are the number of hours used on processing and the cost of getting relevant expert advice on the subject.

When the EPA receive the full application with all its details, they create a budget on the expenses related to processing the application and sends out an invoice to the company who have applied.

When the company have paid the invoice, the EPA begins the processing. At the end of the processing, the EPA calculates the actual cost related to the subject and regulates the fee so it matches the work put into processing the application.

Inspection in Relation to Production with GMO

The inspection fee includes expenditures on wages and other administrative tasks related to the inspection job. 

Investigations and consultancy services in reference to the inspection can be initiated from intelligence of the company. The inspection fee for these cases are charged separately in reference to the specific investigation and includes the cost of consultancy services provided to assist such inspections.

Information regarding the charged fee is found in the executive order on charged fees for administrative work and inspection in relation to the law of environment and gene technology (In Danish). The rate of the fee is regulated annually, based on the latest published prices and income from the Economic and Administrative Handbook from the Ministry of Finance.

Per 11th of May 2020 the hourly charged fee is 648 DKK.

Inspection in Relation to Research with GMO

The EPA do not charge a fee for administration of applications of research facilities (laboratories, storage etc.), research projects and inspections of the aforementioned.