The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and GMO

The Danish Environmentel Protection Agency (EPA) administrate the regulations concerning applications, research and production of and with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in an environmental perspective.

The EPA administrate the regulations concerning the application, research and production of, and with, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in an environmental perspective.

The definition 'contained use' is understood as any operation in which genetically modified organisms, plants and animals are genetically modified or in which such genetically modified microorganisms are cultured, stored, used, transported, destroyed or disposed of and for which physical barriers, or a combination of physical barriers together with chemical and/or biological barriers, are used to limit their contact with the general population and the environment

Read more about the definition of "contained use" in the Directive 2009/41/EC


The EPA process applications regarding permission to work with GMO. Such applications are processed in accordance to the European Directive 2009/49/EC which have been national implemented into the law of environment and gene technology. An example of GMO for contained use in research and production could be genetically modified bacteria used to produce enzymes, which will be a functional ingredient in e.g. detergents or foodstuffs.

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The EPA oversee that the responsible takers of the approval maintain the conditions in respect to the:

  • General conditions in the law of environment and gene technology.
  • Prerequisite conditions for the approval according to the law.
  • Compliances of the prohibitory and mandatory demands of the law.
  • External environment when working with genetically modified plants, animals and microorganisms in the laboratory, the area of the laboratory, pilot plants and production facilities.

The law of environment and gene technology harmonize work with GMO to the environment. Different authorities in Denmark work with regulation of GMOs. These authorities are The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, The Danish Agricultural Agency, The Danish Health Authority, The Danish Working Environment Authority and The Danish Environmental Protection Agency. There is also a collaboration with the municipalities.

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