Research with GMO

Research with GMOs can only take place when appropriate containment measures are in place. This includes laboratories, laboratory areas and pilot-scale facilities.

It is the Danish Working Environment Authority who are responsible for processing the applications and bringing the details concerning the use of GMO to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for consultance. The EPA will look into the environmental aspects of the application to ensure the right containment measures are in place. The Working Environment Authority look into the working environment related aspects of the application. 


The EPA administrate the environmental regulation regarding contained use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in research, production and transportation.

Application Guide for Research

Before beginning research involving GMOs the work must be approved by the Working Environment Authority. The authority brings the details concerning the activity involving the GMO to the EPA for a consultation.The approval for research work with GMOs are divided into two separate procedures. One is a classification in regard to risks associated to the activity in the research facilities and the second is the approval of the research project.

Below is the application forms for both procedures:

Approval for research project

Approval for classification of research facilities

Inspection of Research Facilities

The EPA leads inspections regularly on the facilities where they have been involved as consulting party in the approvals of facilities and projects involving GMOs.

Procedural Service Charge

The EPA do not charge a fee for administration of applications of research facilities, research projects and inspections of the aforementioned.