Emergency Plan

An emergency plan is made for the protection of human health and the environment outside the facility in the event of an accident and for the emergency services to be aware of the hazards and informed thereof in writing.

An application must include an emergency plan if the production pose a hazard to the environment. Otherwise, the Dansih Environmental Protection Agency cannot approve of the production and the production cannot start-up. For classification groups 3 and 4 an emergency plan is always required.

The emergency plan has to include information on safety measures and on the correct behaviour to adopt in the case of an accident. The information has to be supplied in an appropriate manner, and without their having to request it, to persons liable to be affected by the accident. The information shall be repeated and updated at appropriate intervals. It shall also be made publicly available.

Before a production with GMO can begin, the EPA will inform institutions and authorities who can be affected by an accidental release and unsolicited advice on the emergency plans and the relevant safety precautions.

Publication of the Emergency Plans

The EPA is obligated to provide public access to the emergency plans. In Denmark, there are only productions with/of GMO classified in risk group 1. The EPA has no information on productions with GMO that pose any potential hazard to the environment.

For more information on how the Danish Environmental Protection Agency administrates the environmental regulation regarding contained use of genetically modified organisms in research and production look at regulation.