Emergency Plans of Accidental Release of Genetically Modified Organisms to the Environment

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have provided a guide to companies and laboratories on how to act in a situation of a release of genetically modified organisms into the environment in order to reducenegative effects on the environment, nature and health.

A release of GMO used only in confined conditions is understood as any incident where a significant and unintentional release of genetically modified organisms that will cause immediately or subsequent danger to human health and the environment. 

The guidance states, that in case of a release the EPA must be informed in order to provide counseling in order to prevent damage to the environment and the human health. At first the EPA will ask for information regarding the extent of the release, such as volume and concentration, the type of organisms and the genetically modification of the organism. The EPA will ask for the location of the release and the possibilities for stopping the leakage and containing what have already been released. The EPA will provide guidance on how to collect the released material and on how to disinfect the exposed area.

Whom to contact in the case of a release?

In case of a release of genetically modified organisms, the EPA is always to be contacted. In addition, the responsible local authority and e.g. sewage treatment facility is also to be contacted, if the release is in connection to a sewage system. In case of release to the surrounding lands, lake, streams etc. the EPA will contact the local authority.

Announcement of the accidental release

The EPA will send out an announcement in the case of a release of genetically modified organisms. The announcement will contain information on the location and extent of the release. The EPA will also announce the type of organism and if the release will have any impact on the environment, nature and health. 

Contact in case of Accidental Release of GMO

Charlotta Amalia Wallensten

Office Manager
Afdeling: Pesticides & Biocides