Nitrate Action Programme

Pursuant to articles 5, paragraph 7 of the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE of 12 December 1991 concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources (91/676/EEC) the member states are obligated to review and if necessary revise their action programmes at least once every four year.

The Danish Action Programme describes the implementation of the Nitrates Directive in Denmark in the years 2008-2015 and ensures that the objective of the Nitrates Directive is achieved.

In 1998 the Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment (APAE) II was accepted by the Commission as the Danish Nitrate Actions Plan implementing the Nitrate Directive. The following APAE III was submitted as the next Nitrate Action Programme and did run from 2004-2015 with planned midterm evaluations in 2008 and 2011 following article 5 in the Nitrates Directive.

In 2009 the Danish government launched the Green Growth Agreement – a plan that ensures better conditions for the nature and environment while allowing agriculture to develop. The Green Growth Agreement also deals with the problems formerly encountered in achieving expected goals in the APAE III. As the Green Growth Agreement is much broader than the APAEs, a Danish Nitrate Actions Programme will be composed specifying the elements of the implementation of the Nitrates Directive. The final programme can be seen from the link below.

Danish Nitrate Action Programme 2008-2015 (pdf file 2.343 kb)

The Danish Nitrates Action Programme

21. June 2017 the minister for the Environment and Food endorsed a cumulated Nitrates Action Programme.
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